About Sabah International Bridal Week

Wedding - as glamorous as it may seem, the preparations can often be daunting. After all, couples always want everything to be perfectly flawless for this momentous occasion. But fret not. Sabah International Bridal Week is here to assist you with creating this beautiful moment in your life.

Aren't getting married? Or already married? This is still a festive occasion not to be missed! Reasons?

  • Who says Bridal Fair is only for newlyweds? Spice up your post-marriage life by taking anniversary portraits!
  • FREE entertainments and tutorials/workshops for YOU!

We have a dream - to help you live your wedding fairytale dream.

Our Creative Team


We are an integrated entertainment and corporate event company which do not only focus on event management, but also CREATIVE productions. Sabah International Bridal Week is one of our many creative brainchilds.

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Event Highlights

From bridal fashion show to live bands, FREE tutorial & photography tutorials/workshops and many more, Sabah International Bridal Week is a unique bridal fest you wouldn’t want to miss!

More details to come. Stay tuned!

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